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A Style For Every Story EST July 26, 2018 Avocet is the largest clothing producing groups on BrickPlanet. We have been around...
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giveaway group that operated in 2018, no longer active.
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hello world!
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Welcome to Developers, we are a game studio run by Kwopa, Sheath and Ify. We plan to release a lot of games upon the new BrickP...
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If you would like to be hired as a clothing designer that gets paid 50 credits per design then message me on discord : Citrum#54...
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- We welcome all Traders to "Trade Market". Trade market is a social group for Traders like us, you can discuss and ch...
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Rank Guide - Revamping Discord - Striving to help you become knowledgeable and profitable throughou...
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Proud Patrons of Bill's Bunker
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Bienvenidos hablahispanos y hablahispanas UwU pronto descripcion
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Welcome to Eagle! - 01/11/2017 Eagle a rising clothing group on Brick Planet, we produce quality and original clothing for the...
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Welcome to our group. Thank you for joining our community here you will find out about the projects we are working on and wil...
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Welcome to Anime! We are a group of fellow anime watchers and manga readers. The logo changes every month and corresponds to the...