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"We believe in happiness!"
This group was created for people to relax and be wholesome

It is also used to support creators on the platform!

If you want to support the group, play the games or purchase our clothing!

This is also a group where you can promote your games, clothing, and groups!

Designers: Kodak

Discord: Ify#0013
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/p2bJ6VF



There will be gameni
ghts in the discord server every other day!
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Future Ideas
By: ify  •   Created: 07/16/2019 1:03AM  •   Updated: 07/16/2019 1:03AM
- Shoutouts on the group or in game
- Wholesome hour
- Game nights

Thank you!
By: ify  •   Created: 07/15/2019 11:55PM  •   Updated: 07/15/2019 11:55PM
Wanted to say thanks to everyone that joined.

I will continue to push this group to success and help everyone out!